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Decorative Mesh

   1. Introduction of our metal fabrics.
    Architectural mesh, also called metal fabrics or decorative mesh, is mainly used for decoration in interior or outdoor building. Our metal fabrics are made of stainless steel cable and wire rod, our mesh are finished through wire drawing, wire polishing, wire stranded, weaving mesh , pickling, dry and packing. Our decorative mesh had been enquired and adopted by more and more designer in decorative companies in the building field because its beautiful metal color, concise style, good function, fashion and etc other more decorative elements, It is a new decorative material in the modern construction industry and widely used as curtains in house, window screens for dining hall, isolation in hotels, ceiling decoration, decorative curtain wall in the cladding of building, decoration in trade fair exhibition and retractable sun protection, etc.

2. How to measurment of metal fabrics


Cable Diameter:  the diameter of the cable.

Cable Pitch: the center to center distance from the group of cables to the other groups of cables

Rod Diameter: the diameter of the single round wire.

Rod Pitch: center to center distance between two rods.

Width of the mesh: The same direction with the rods

Height or Length of the mesh: the same direction with the cable.


Product Classification
  Aluminum Mesh
  Elevator Mesh
  Glass Laminated
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