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Chain Curtain (aluminum fly screens), made of aluminum alloy wire, is a new brand decorative material for home decor and daily beautify, it has brilliant surface vision effect and unique hook link shape. RMJ chain curtain can be anodized with various colors and shows an imaginary and elegant atmosphere for your building. RaMeiJu manufacture a range of made to measure aluminum fly screens  to help protect your premises from flying insects. They are the ideal pest control system for both doors and windows, it also is available in a range of colors that can be used individually or combined to create a striped vertical pattern. 
       Chain curtain,With its Durable, Light, Non-rust, prevent bug, versatility, unique texture, variety of bright colors, and Elegant Decoration, are mainly used as curtains screen, fly screen, Garments ornaments, jewelry chains, Bag chains, shoe chains, isolation wall, widows screen and so on, it has been more used by designer in the interior design.

Normal Specification:


Name: Chain Curtain
Wire Diameter: 2.0 mm
Weight: about 0.10kg/m.
Processing: anodized colors.

Installation of Chain curtain

The chain curtain is easy to take apart and easy to connect. You can connect the chain as what you want, also we can supply you the professional tracks (with holes). You just open the top chain and hook it on the special track, it is ok. And then you just fix the track on the ceilings or door.



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