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Beads curtain,( chain-string) is made of one by one different string round or other shape metal ball, it is  available in different size(from 2.4mm to 12mm diameter metal ball) and can be galvanized various colors.Chain link is the ideal solution for architects, engineers and designers looking to make their vision a reality. Ball and chain drapery in most projects appeared on the scene in some of the most exciting settings. It is mainly used as an window screens or isolation wall, bright color with soomth line give you an elegance feel. also it can keep your door out of flys. 

Beads curtain is available in different materials, such as metal sheet, stainless steel sheet or copper sheet, the most welcome is the metal sheet with galvanized different bright colors.

Materials: carbon steel

surface treatment: anodized.

Features: excellent hanging feelings, tight connected structures.

We can customize rigid or flexible metal chain with different sizes and colors to meet your requirements.

Dimension: There is no limit for both width and can be used directly.

Applications: window curtains and blinds,shade, drapery,screens, partitions,sculptures,partial decorations etc.

Advantage: visually unobtrusive, fire proof, rust-resistant, long life span, low cost for maintenance,

no chemical composition, recyclable, environment-friendly.

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